5 Nov

Introduction and things to do

Hamar is a little town of about 25.000 inhabitants, a little more than 100 kilometers north of Oslo, on the shores of the Mjosa lake, the biggest in Norway (which is to say something in a country with profusion of lakes). It is the capital of the Hedmark region.

Hamar has been my most stable home for the past 11 years. It will continue to be my home away from home for the years to come.

Its been an emotionally heavy week with many goodbyes, and i want to thank you all for your kind words and well wishes.

From Jett (who will fly down to Barcelona on the 18th of November with Papa G, Tor and Olaug Kirkerud (otherwise known as bestefar and bestemor)) - Goodbye to everyone at the Montessori school! Thanks to Dimitris and Rob at Aikido áikikids´ (you guys rock!) Goodbye and see you soon to all of my friends and family. you´re more than welcome to sleep in the tent beside our van!

From Tiffany - (who is taking the lightness of the dragonfly as her motif for the coming years) Thank you so much to everyone at Espern!! (does this count as much as a hello from the body balance DVD?) You have been integral to my growth as an instructor and i thank you so much for your trust and goodwill. I would not be half of me with out the espern experience.

To the Vikingship Motell- without you i would not have half the time or freedom to pursue my way of life. Thank you so much for your kindness towards both me and jett. I appreciate it alot.

To the bloody foreigners whom i dare to call my friends (and Eli, Katrine, Anne and Jan Ole count here since your are ´blanding´- You let me rant and rave and give me good advice and make me laugh and i thank you all for being here when you were here. I´m grateful that our paths have crossed.

To my Norwegian Family - Wow.... you have supported me unconditionally. You care for me as one of your own. Thank you and see you all soon.

to Hamar - thank you for showing me seasons (i´d only read about themm before) thank you for the beauty of Mjosa. Thank you for not snowing before we left. thank you for being glorious in the autumn. thank you for having squirrels (love them little guys) and thank you for not letting me be eaten by a bear.

From Albert - everybody says that Hamar is a place where people are close and doesn't easily welcome newcomers. Well, maybe it is. And maybe I have come with recommendation, but I just can thank everybody, from Tiffany's norwegian family, to Tiffany's previous friends (which I now consider also my own), for all your help and acceptance. I have to specially thank INNIT and Ronny for trusting me and giving me work, for making me feel well and integrated, and for being (well, that goes for everybody) so patient for my absolute inability to speak norwegian.

Good luck to you all! You are more than welcome to visit whenever we are. See you soon!


We leave our little and pretty green house at the hands of Vidar. We have been very comfortable here, but we are also happy to start our new nomad and homeless life.

Getting there and away

We got the car perfectly packed til the top to bring all our stuff (well, the stuff that we could pack) to Granollers, where we have the intention to live when we will be back in Europe, in about 2 years. Two weeks before our departure, and to avoid problems derived from the climatology and our car's obvious lack of winter preparation, we have left it close to Oslo (thanks Geirmund!), from where we will take a ferry that will bring us, after 16 hours, to Copenhagen

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