6 Jan

Introduction and things to do

Well, we won't really be that many time in Kolkata, also and probably better known as Calcutta. We will get there in the morning and we will leave in the afternoon, which will leave us only a few hours to explore what we can of this city, capital of India during the british rule period, and mainly known this days for the presence of Mother Theresa. This last fact maybe make us think that Calcutta is a specially poor city, and probably it is, and it is because India is a poor country, but Calcutta is not at all one of the worse cities in that way.

But we will spand this day, and most of the next one, also, in a train. Because after already a month here, we will take the only train we can call really long, which will bring us, following almost the whole of the indian east coast til Chennai, and will take no more no less than 26 hours.


Both day and night will be spent in the train. At this stage, anyway, I guess we will bé more than used to the indian trains, so we are not really worried about the comfort. Maybe we will already know, that they are not comfortable, but at least it won't be a sad surprise.

Getting there and away

So that. We will have arrived from Gaya in an overnight train, which we did take at 21.50, and will get to Calcutta at 7.00. The time we will have to leave the backpacks in the station left luggage and have a little glimpse of the city will be exactly til 14.50, when our train, the Central Coromandal express (this time is worth it to write down the name), will depart direction Chennai, crossing India from north to south during 26 hours, and dropping us in Chennai next day at 17.15, being done about 1600 kilometers.

Trains of this duration are the main long distance transport of the local population, and it will be great to have the experience. Howevwe, I think we will be happy that it will be the last long train we will take, bacause we are entering now to the last days of our stay in India.