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Introduction and things to do

Granollers is located about 30 kilometers north of Barcelona, a short distance from the mountains (the Montseny and, a bit further, the Pyreneés), a short distance from the sea (the Maresme coast) and a short distance from Barcelona, making it a strategic location without the inconvenients of any of them.

But, besides that, we will have to face it: Granollers is ugly. And boring. And is not really well thought. But in spite of all that, is where Albert was born, and grew, and lived most of his life, so he has a incalculable appreciation to it. And it is some very nice people, in there, also :-D

We will be there around two weeks, this time, and we don't really have many plans. Well, we have to fix some papers. And Albert has to go to his annual cleaning to the dentist (maybe this is not for here?), and take the necessary vaccinations for India. But besides that, we don't really have many plans.

Somebody commented about Alex and Oscar birthday party, but we haven't heard further news, so we don't take it as definitive. A part from that, we are open to any suggestion, so the interested can begin to think about it. What's for sure is that we are looking forward to see you everybody, Granollers population, and more now that, if you don't begin to save to come and visit us in Australia, will be some time since we don't come back to this lands.

As you probably know, even though I don't think we have explicitly commented it, Jett haven't come with us in the car for the first leg of our trip. Geir, his father, and Tor and Olaug, his grandparents, will fly with him when we will be already here, wishful to spend some days in Barcelona. A dinner of brothership catalano-norwegian will occur also undoubtly one of these days at the Vila house. And a necessary assessment and tourist guidance to the charms of the city will be also unavoidable.

We also have the intention to, if our friend Ori invites us as he suggested last time we where here, to go and attend the match between my team, the almighty Futbol Club Barcelona, and the victims of the day, Recreativo de Huelva.


Albert's parents live in a new house since not so long, and there is where we will be staying, just in the middle of Granollers. Is a very new house for us, so we are looking forward to see it finished and full of life. Thanks then to the family for their fantastic hospitality.

Getting there and away

It will for sure be a gorgeous joy, and why not, also a big relief, to arrive safe and sounf with our fully packed car. And what will be de biggest relief is to unpack it and be able to see something in the inside rearviewmirror again. The car will make its last services to use these days, at least for a couple of years, because the dude in strong as a rock.

We will leave Barcelona the 28th of november in the morning, beginning the second leg of our trip, the one that will finally bring us to Australia after a month and a half.

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