If you are here, is because probably you know us, or at least, you know of us. Or at least, you know one of us. Or at least, you know of one of us. Hum. Whatever. So, why say more? Well. We don't really talk about us in the whole website, even though we are the real stars of this trip, and not that much the places we are going. So we thought that we will fill in our character details.

Jett is an 8 year old mutant ninja geisha who goes by the street name of Daffyd.

Tiffany is a 65 year old retired gogo dancer. She did well in Las Vagas and thanks to that we can now pay this kerfuffle. By the way, anything you hear about her and Elvis is true. Yes. Even that.

Albert is a 28 year old secret agent from Uzbekistan, hiding from some ex-soviet troops and nobody will ever discover him.


We have done this website in 1 (ONE) week. So. Maybe is not as polished as it could. But we have done it with the best of our intentions. Thanks for the patience.

Albert (catalan spanish person with no english studies) has written most of the english part, giving some hard and painful kicks to the dictionary. I hope you look at it with nice eyes, and think it is charming instead of shocking. Anyway, you should blame Tiffany for not doing it herself!

The purpose of this website is to keep all our friends and family informed about our plans during those two months and a half that we will spend more or less travelling around. For everybody who will think is fun to follow us in our route and, why not, to learn something else about all those places that we are going. We would like to be an inspiration for everybody in that way, because we think that travelling opens your mind and knowledge of the world and the human being, and we believe that you don't need a big budget to be able to do it.

If you have something to say about the website, you think it lacks of something, you think something is too much, or you think something should be rethought, send an email to us at trip@weburger.com or make a comment in the reserved space for it in the website itself: Interact!

The web was made by Albert Vila during a week in october 2007. Which is not bad, i reckon.

We also would like to thank to all websites that have provided, without their consent, the pictures we use to illustrate the pages of our site. If anybody recognizes a picture that owns any copyright on it, please let us know and we would take it off as soon as possible. All use that we make of them is with strictly non commercial or lucrative purposes.


Donations, yes. You have read it well. A trip like this, even we try to keep the expenses short, is such a big spending, so we have decided, with all our lack of shame, to ask everybody to help us, if you are so kind.

Also, if you like us so much and you think we are very nice and fun and you ever plan to give us a present, we must say that, probably, we don't really have much space to put it, so it would be much more useful for us if you send us some cold and crude cash.

The easier way to do it in the internet is to transfer some money to our paypal account bert29. Alternatively, you can make a traditional bank transfer to either of our bank accounts:

If you need further instructions on how to make this transfers, please don't hesitate to ask us at trip@weburger.com or any of our emails.

Thank you so very much! :-)