Welcome to the webpage of the trip that we are going to do from November 2007 to January 2008, when we will cross half the world from Norway to Australia, during two months and a half. The trip will bring us to 13 (or 14) countries, and we will use all kind of transports to reach our final destination: car, plane, train, bus, boat, and we expect also even camel and elephant.

The reason is not only leisure and discovery, but we are actually moving to Australia for a year, and taking the chance of the cheap fares of the low cost airlines, we have designed the trip that will suit our interests better. From this page you will be able to follow us day by day, around the world, learning a little bit from everyone of the fascinant destinations we will visit.

We would love to update the website while we keep advancing in our trip, but it can not be guaranteed, due to the more than probable lack of regularity in the internet service in most of the places we will visit. Even though, we will try to do our best.

If you want to see the pictures of the trip (the text is only in catalan), you can go to bert29.blogspot.com!
The first leg of our trip will bring us from our habitual residence there last months / years, in Hamar, Norway, til Albert's hometown, Granollers, close to Barcelona. We will travel this part by car, fully packed of stuff. After our experience in australasia, that will last a couple of years, our intention is to come back and live in Catalonia. That's why, taking the chance that we have a car, we bring some of our most valuable stuff there already now.

We will cross Europe in a little bit more than a week, focusing our stops in the Benelux area.

After this first leg we will stay in Granollers for about 2 weeks.

In our way to India we will stop in some places in the eastern mediterranean and the middle east.

The main stage of our trip will be in India, where we will spend 5 weeks.

Finally, through the southeast of Asia we will reach Australia and, finally, the end of our trip in the Gold Coast, where Tiffany's mother lives and where we will spend the first weeks of our stay in these austral lands.