Denmark / Germany

Helsingør / Hillerød / Lübeck

8 Nov

Introduction and things to do

Both Helsingør and Hillerød are about 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen, and our main motivation to visit them, for not longer than half a day, are their castles. We are not sure anyway that it is anything else motivating, there.

In Helsingør, known also by its english name, Elsinore, there is the Kronborg castle, famous worldwide for being the location of the action of Hamlet, the play by William Shakespeare. As a curiosity, Shakespeare never visited this place, so all the descriptions he provides are openly inaccurate.

Not far away, and unfairly overshadowed by its most famous neighbour, we can find the Frederiksborg castle, in Hillerød, which seems quite more spectacular. Inmense, surrounded by remarkable gardens, and settled on three islands on an artificial lake, I am sure this castle will easily fulfill our expectations.

After quite some kilometers, in the evening we will arrive at Lübeck, already in Germany. Lübeck is an hanseatic city that we did already visit last year. We liked it a lot, so we will the chance to go again since it is in the middle of the way.


We will leave behind us the comfort of our hotel in Copenhagen to sleep in the car for the first time in the trip, somewhere in Germany that will depend on the circumstances and our level of tireness. Remember that the car will be full til the top, with not even space to reclinate the sits, so this night will be, at least, an experience.

Getting there and away

From Copenhagen to Helsingør and Hillerøod there aren't more than 40 kilometres in comfortable highways. After, we will have to cross Denmark, about 200 kilometers, til Røodby, where we will take a 30 minutes ferry, not specially cheap, that will bring us to Puttgarden, in Germany. From there, is less than 100 kilometers until Lübeck.

After having dinner and whatever we are going to do in Lübeck, we have the intention to drive as many kilometers we can to get closer to the dutch border, even if it means to get deep into the night. This, anyway, will depend on the moment.

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