Netherlands / Belgium

Maastricht / Liège / Spa

9 Nov

Introduction and things to do

It looks like today will be a bit busy, so maybe, depending on the time we get in the area, we will maybe have to skip some of the theorical stops.

Maastricht is in the south-east of Netherlands, capital of the region of Limburg, in a tiny stretch of land between Belgium and Germany. Why visit it? We have two reasons not necessarily powerful: one, because this way we can add a new country to our trip, and two, because when Albert went to Riga a couple of months ago, he met a guy from here, and he spoke very good about it. We expect that he is not going to be just a great patriot! The city, for the little knowledge that we have acquired these last times, besides being known for be the place where the treaty of the same name was signed, and which marked the foundation of the European Union as we know it today, seems to be quite interesting.

Liège, already in Belgium, is not so far away from Maastricht. The reason we are going here is basically because it is on the way and, since we are here, we will take the chance to purchase some lovely belgian chocolate, idea that Tiffany thinks is just gorgeous. Liège is also the capital of the Wallonia region, and a eminently industrial city, and, at least in the pictures, looks like being an absolute belgian city.

Finally, to relax the day after the city stress, we will go to Spa, the little town famous for its thermal waters, which gives the name to this many relaxation centres that fashionable lately.


We have been looking if we could find one of these 'spas' reasonably priced, but everything looks like far from our budget, so the most likely thing to happen is that we will park the car in front of a luxurious hotel and we will sleep there. However, we can not say that we find something nice on the spot, so we will see.

Getting there and away

I don't know exactly where we will have been spending the previous night. Somewhere in Germany closer or farther from Maastricht. From Lübeck to here there are 550 kilometers, and I can imagine we would have done about 300 before going to sleep. From Maastricht to Liège there are only 35 kilometers, and from Liège to Spa, less than 50. So it doesn't seem like it will be a long day on the road.

By the way, what we surely will have to do, when visiting those cities, is to find a nice and secure parking for the car!

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